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  • Ideal mix of cereal for a healthy, balanced and tasty breakfast. Ingredients: Buckwheat and millet flakes 33%, sugar, rice flour, vegetable oil (rapeseed oil), maize flakes (maize flour, salt), soy flour, almonds 4%, coconut 3%, potato starch, popped rice, strawberries 1.5%, flavouring (E1520a), salt, antioxidant (E304, E306), emulsifier (E322)....

  • Crunchy cereal mix, honey and nuts with high protein and antioxidant content. Ingredients: 32% buckwheat and sorghum flakes, sugar, rice flour, vegetable oil (rapeseed oil), 5% hazelnuts, maize flakes (maize flour, salt), soy flour, potato starch, 3% coconut, popped rice, 1.5% almonds, 0.6% flavouring (E1520), salt, antioxidant (E304, E306), emulsifier...

  • Cornflakes containing vitamin B, fiber and iron, ideal to start the day with the best energy. Ingredients: Corn 93%, sugar, salt, corn glucose.

  • Buckwheat groats with multiple nutritional properties. Ingredients: Buckwheat, honey.

  • Delicious product made of corn, rice and buckwheat to taste with syrup, jam or chocolate. Ingredients: Corn starch, rice flour, buckwheat flour, dextrose, leavening agent (E450i, E500ii), salt.

  • White bread can also be healthy, and the smell of freshly brewed product is totally irresistible. Ingredients: Corn starch, rice flour, soya flour, thickening agent (E415), salt. Allergens: Soy.

  • Black Bread Mix flour produced from corn, rice and soybeans. Ingredients: Corn starch, rice flour, soya flour, thickening agent (E415), salt, flavouring (E150a). Allergens: Soy.  

  • Versatile mixture high in fiber ready to be cooked with a promising result. Ingredients: Maize starch, brown teff flour, rice flour, tapioca starch, sunflower seeds, linseed, sesame seed, lupin protein, whey powder (milk), thickening agent (E415), dextrose, salt, leavening agent (E450i,E500ii), potato starch, soy lecithin, flavouring (E150a), calcium...

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